Stroshine's Studs and Buds, we aim to raise some of the most affectionate, happy, and healthy Golden retrievers. Our dogs are all raised in our home, they even sleep with us at night! We want them to be super people oriented. They are more than pets; they are our babies. We know they will be yours too! 
          The quality of life and being able to enjoy a long life is important to us. And we love seeing happy dogs and happy owners! Our dogs are our best friends and go everywhere with us! Our dogs are all genetically tested through Embark for 163 genetic disorders. All of our dogs are cleared! 

Your new friend I am providing you with is a lifetime commitment, their health and upbringing are important. I know how important this is to not only you, but the dogs as well.

Golden retriever puppies for sale in Ohio

Our Policy:

Stroshine's Studs & Buds is a family owned business. Our pets always come first!