Mac has been Health-Certified. This includes his hips, elbows (prelim), heart (prelim), eyes (prelim), and ICT tests done. HHe is the most well-tempered pup we have run across! He has been tested and clear on embark testing for 163 genetic disorders as well. He has the biggest, blocky head of all of our dogs and makes gorgeous pups! 

​AI service: $1500 contact us.

  • DOB: May 31, 2017
  • PennHIP; Right DI: 0.28 and Left DI: 0.41
  • Ich: Clear
  • OFA Elbows (preliminary): Clear
  • Heart: Clear (under 12 months)
  • Eyes: Clear (under 12 months)
    ​Embark tested: Clear